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Guitar rest ErgoPlay model "Tappert"

Guitar rest ErgoPlay model "Tappert"

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The guitar rest model "Tappert" is our standard model, which Scott Tennant, for example, has been using for many years.

The "Tappert" model is the further development of the earlier "ErgoPlay professional" guitar rest.

Inventor: Johannes Tappert

If you are not yet familiar with our guitar rest, the "Tappert" model is most likely the rest of your choice.

Due to the possibility of adjusting the inclination and angle, you can easily adapt the support to your body size and your playing habits.

  • thigh pad 235mm with cellular rubber pad. Individually adjustable in height and inclination
  • Frame fastening through 3 adjustable suction cups
  • Interchangeable and easily detachable teats

Balanced weight distribution for improved game balance.

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