ErgoPlay is the ergonomic playing aid for the classical guitar invented by Johannes Tappert & Michael Tröster.

ErgoPlay ensures a comfortable and fatigue-free playing experience and thus enables more fun when making music . Both amateur musicians and concert guitarists appreciate the pleasant comfort that ErgoPlay offers. Thanks to a dynamic playing position , making music becomes a pleasure and lets you enjoy your music to the fullest.

ErgoPlay - product video

Playing aids for plucked instruments

Optimize your playing with our stringed instrument support systems . Get comfort, stability, and improved playing technique for guitars, mandolins, and double basses . Discover the diverse selection and find the perfect support system for your musical ability.

RKB music stands / music stands

Keep your notes in the perfect position - discover our wide range of music stands for musicians. Stable, adjustable and practical for performances and rehearsals . Choose your ideal music stand for a smooth music experience.

ErgoPlay - spare parts

ErgoPlay Replacement Parts - Perfect fit for optimal performance. Suction cups, adhesive sheets, wing nuts, screws and leg rests. Keep your ErgoPlay play aid in tip-top shape. Quality and comfort guaranteed. Spare parts for long-lasting fun.