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Ergonomic double bass support ErgoBass

Ergonomic double bass support ErgoBass

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New playing aid for the concert and solo bass player: the ErgoBass double bass support.

Developed in collaboration with Prof. Petru Iuga, lecturer at the Mannheim University of Music
, it enables a new, ergonomic way of playing the double bass.

With individual adaptation to the bass player and his double bass, it offers a comfortable posture and sovereign handling of the instrument.

A harmonious connection is created between the musician and his instrument . Discover the revolutionary double bass support for an optimal playing experience .

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"The ErgoBass creates a perfect leverage spot for the bow contact point and weight. I've also had my students try it out. Although none of them have any back issues they were all immediately impressed with the feel."

" If everything in your playing and physical well-being is going great – keep rocking'! But you have any concerns about posture or pain you owe it to yourself to try the ErgoBass. It's infinitely adjustable for any bass and player. I highly recommend it!"

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